Almost Completed

All the clothes are cleand and but back in the closet. The Apartment its almost done.I got stuck talkin to my ex-girlfriend for a while. Felt strange talking to her again but good at the same time. Havent talked with her for a long time, Almost a year i think.

Talked to Chattis and she came over with pizza and we watched both those movie i talked about yesturday.. The Happening started good. But it wasnt that good. The Ending sucked!!
Street kings btw was really cool!! Like that movie.

The time is almost 10 in the morning and now its time to get friends with the vaccumcleaner and hmm, what do you call the stick your washing the floor with in english??
We call it a Mopp! lol..

Ill update my cleaning with pictures later!! Bye for no people.. // Chris


~ by Chris on July 9, 2008.

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