Never Back Down..

These days has gone fast. I have forgotten to update my blog. But here it is..
The week have been nice. Worked 3 days ( including today ), this week has been good.
Saw a movie ” Never Back Down ” And i loved it. After the movie i just wanted to go out and beat the shit out of Jojje. That would feel soooo good Lmfao.

The training have gone well Today is the third day in a row and Evelina is doing real good.. Shes a bit lazy but not for long! Im the boss and she has to take the weights that i put on..

After the gym i went home and hit the showers. And then i drove to jojje. we made som thaifood and drank a fiew beers. And after that we went out and hooked up with some other peoples..
I met Toni and it was his birthday and he invited me to his birthdayparty att Club Amore Today.
2 a clock we went home and on the way we stopped by Burger King.. I know its not good but it was late and i was hungry..

Now im at work. We got 2 extras today and me and jojje are just letting them do all the work!! LOL.. No Just kidding..

Now jojje is standing next 2 me and touching himself. He´s really distgusting right now!
And he´s watching we telling you guys this! But he´s to afraid to do something cause ill do a ” Never back down on him “

Hows your weekend?


~ by Chris on July 19, 2008.

One Response to “Never Back Down..”

  1. It’s terribly predictable, and laughable, but at the same time, its entertaining, and keeps you watching with excitement. Check out my review when you can!

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