Days gone…


Got home after work and cleaned my apartment. Had some friends way over for some drinks before Tonys birthdaysparty..
It was me, Catthis, Jojje And Sara..
Many drinkslater it was time to move on!!
When we arrived we got 2 drinks each and i was a bitt drunk and wanted to compete with Jojje who would drink them first..

So after that. ( I dont remember who won ) I got so drunk so jojje put me in a cab home.. HAHAHA


Couch aaaall day!! Catthis was qute and delivered food for me. She stayed and we watched Doomeday. It was ok.


Worked as usuall. We have 1 Year Anniversary So we had people in the butique all day. Lots of work..
And my Studiolights came!!! My lovely Rangers!!

After work a went to see my dad and my 2 uncles to take a beer and chat a little.
It was fun, not every day i get to see them..
After that i walked all the way home. Called Anna and she kept me company on the phone all the way home.


work work work..

Gym Gym Gym.. With Rabi and Evelina

Made some Swedish meatballs when i got home. Talked to Anna a fiew minutes and now im about to take a bath.. XOxo


~ by Chris on July 22, 2008.

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