So Tierd

Sitting at home waiting for Cathis to finish her job. She´s coming over . Gonna take something to eat and catch a movie..
Worked all day. And it was a kind of a ruff day. My mood wasnt on the right side today. Cause im just there for a month then ill begin my new job..

I know a fiew people that ill be working with and its good people! But i always loved the job i have now. But i only work hours! Thats why i gotta quit..

I got a fulltime job at the new place! Ill be doing the same thing but in a much bigger store..
It isnt so personal like the place i work now..

And i really love My Boss, and all the employes. We are a perfekt team.
Will see how the new job will end up.. who knows! maybe ill like it there..
The people ive met seems to be good so its good so far..

After work i went to the gym.. Evelina called and said she was sick so i went alone..
But it was a good workout!

Now im sitting home and talking to Anna. Talking vacations.. Were to go etc.
My dreamvacation is to drive thru the states!!! So ill maybe kidnapp Anna to go with me =P


~ by Chris on July 24, 2008.

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