Weekend In Södertälje

Im home from a great weekend in Södertälje..


Only worked to 3 a clock then my self and jojje ran to the train..
A old train with these old cabins. Quet nice actually. We bought some food from Burger King and jumped on the train..
It was a 3 hour trip to Linköping and from there 2½ hours to Södertälje. So i brought my computer with me so we could watch a movie on the road. But we had som nice people in our cabin so we just talked the hole trip. And drank lots of beer.. Cause the party in södertälje had already started lmao..

In Linköping the only thing i saw was a bunch of weirdos!! I dont think they are from this planet. Looks weird and talkes weird.. Me And Jojje just lauphed at them..
On the last train we sat with a guy from Trosa and he was cool. After i While two 16-year olds from Holland came on. And he was a copy of Olle haha. I think i lauphed constantly 15 minutes!!

They told us about their laws with drugs.. The dutch are allowed to have 3 Marijuanaplants per household. HAHAHA how sick is that?? In sweden you get jailtime for that..

When we got to Södertälje Johns Sister Lena picked us up!!
And when we got to the house the party had already started. So i just changes my clothes and then the partying begun..

I met Rickard ( Jojjes best friend ) Ive met him before and hes hilarious.. He promised me that he will make me really drunk so i tried to be prepered for it.. But noooo.. Imposible!! This guy is sick!! haha..
I also got to meet Rickards sister that looked like Jessica Alba.. Så she was gorgeous offcourse and verry funny to party with..
And i finaly got to meed Ryan.. He was so funny. We lauphed all night..

I think we were about 25 at the party. Didnt get to talk to everbody like usually..
I was busy taking drinkrace´s with rickard. And he won everytime..

After the party Me,Jojje,richard,Ryan,Desiree a cab to Olearys..
Liked the place.. Nice to be at a place and dont know anyone..
We had a fiew drinks and shots and everything was cool..

After that we jut walked around to find a kebabplace cause jojje wanted me to taste one.
And we did.. And it was good..

After that we saw Rickard climb up i rainpipe, up to a balcony were it was a party going. I came up and got throwned out instantly haha..

After that we took a cab home..
Sat in the kitchen and took a fiew sandwiches and went to sleeep..


Hangover Hangover!!!
Cleaned up after the party. Cause it was Jojjes Fathers birthday so we celibrated him.. after that we took i sightseeing and after that we just took it easy and watched Animals Planet with Jojjes mother..


Took a trip and met up with Rickard and Ryan. At first we went to a café for a coffe and after that We went to Kebabhouse and ate pizza.
Then we went to rent a movie.. REVOLVER!!! You guys have to see it!! Loved that movie..

After the movie Rickard had to go home cause he was working the next day so we said goodbye to him..


Made a trip outside Södertälje, after that we went i fast visit in town and than of to the train..
Long trip home. Thank god for my ITouch…

Evelina and Anna picked me up from the station and drove me home…


~ by Chris on August 12, 2008.

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