2 Days Left

Its thursday night and im about to go to bed..
I only have tomorrow and saturday left at work to ill begin the new job.
Its a bit hard couse i really love my job, my workmates and boss.
They are more than workmates they have become good friends.

But just cause i dont work there anymore doesnt mean that i wont see them. But still..
I already know 2 guys that i will work with Joel & Freddy and they are cool so i know that i will work with good and fun people so lets se what happends..

After work i went to the gym. Its going very well now, im training 4 days a week now.
And after the gym i ate som thaifood and talked with some people on msn..
Talked with Mina. Im gonna shoot her for her Bloggbanner at Miloo.se, Shes gonna start working there as a blogger.. And we will get some nice portraitshots also..

Stole This From Her Blog

Working saturday but after work its partytime.. Me and Jojje will go too Martins & Joel´s party. Always fun at theirs parties. And i just love the Apartment! Its like a mansion in there..

Not like my mansion!!!


~ by Chris on August 14, 2008.

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