My First Day @ My New Job

The weekend has been good.. With movienights and parties..
Had my last day @ Fotovideo on saturday.. Got this huge buket from my workbuddies! Thank you Guys! I love you and will miss working with you..
After work me and Jojje went to my place. Took a pizza watched Big Stan..

After that we wnt to Martins Party..
Had lots of fun we were there to 3.30.. Then we WALKED to Stippes ( hamburger-bar )
And took a Burger.
Met Ali and Rabi. Talked wit them. Said bye to Jojje and walked home With Rabi..


Had a Meeting with my new workmates.. Nice group of people..
After that i just went home. Sigrid came buy we whatched some tv and then i went to sleep..

Today is my firt day.. Gotta go!!!


~ by Chris on August 18, 2008.

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