My Mothers Birtday

Was at work to 5. And after that i drove home, hit the showers and picked up my mother and took her to a Resturant and we had a very nice evening..
Later after the dinner i drove my mother home and went home..
I was soo tierd so i went to sleep almost instantly..
Getting tierd of this internet though..
I remember when send my computer to service! Sony had to send it to France så i was without computer for 2 month!
That was some healty shiet!!
I started to got to bed early, I read books, out runnin!!
Now when i get home ill get laisy and just sitting infront the computer.. Talking to friends,retoching pictures.
Ofcourse its a big part of my work to but still..

Damn have to hit the shower! I have to get to work!! Xoxoxo


~ by Chris on August 28, 2008.

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